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March 25, 2021 New article featuring Columbus, New Mexico: All Along The Border - by David Mills














American's Discover Columbus Everyday

Rush hour in downtown Columbus"Retreat!" is the word which has defined The Village of Columbus since it was put on the map March 9th, 1916, by Pancho Villa and his raiding Villistas, as they were being chased back into Mexico by General Pershing and the young George Patton.

Nowadays Columbus is a retreat from the daily pressures of a fast paced, dog-eat-dog world we're living in. The Village of Columbus offers the weariest of souls a real opportunity to rejuvenate, relax, re-center, and to quite literally "Get away from it all".

Those that live in, or frequent Columbus, know the daily entertainment is provided by the spectacular desert views, wildlife and flora, all seen through nature's magnificent lighting display. It begins with the peaceful dawning of the morning orb, to the high-noon sun, and on to amazing purples, blues and pinks of the late afternoon twilight hour, then merging into breathtakingly expansive sunsets. Finishing nightly with awe striking moonscapes and the glory of the stars that can be seen down to very horizon of the desert floor itself.

As you travel to Columbus, you will begin to feel the cares and tares of the world peel away along the drive. When driving from the west you can drop down from Interstate 10 in Arizona and wind down to the southern border of the United States taking the time to visit the historical towns of Tombstone and Bisbee and then continuing on to Columbus by mid-afternoon, or stay on I-10 for about 90 minutes after crossing the Arizona/New Mexico border until reaching Deming, NM and then taking the thirty minute drive south on Highway 11 to our village.

Those traveling from the east can also take the I-10 through to Deming, or you can shave off a full hour by rerouting in El Paso to the Pete Domenici Highway finding the Hwy 9 route to Columbus straight across the open range that will give you desert views of Mexico on your left and New Mexico on your right. Regardless of your chosen path, all roads will lead you directly to the crossroads of highways 9 and 11. Otherwise known as the Village of Columbus. Click here for info about our amazing connection with 9/11/2001.



Another unique way to arrive to Columbus is from the air. Columbus has several landing strips and because of our 360 days of sunshine, Columbus sports two private Airparks (one has a full size Jenny replica functioning as the runway windsock), where pilots and aviation aficionados build homes and hangers to garage their planes and other flying machines.


For many retirees, driving down in your RV or planning to join other "snowbirds" who have migrated to the warmer climate of Columbus during the winter months is a yearly "flight" landing in the Pancho Villa State Park located at the border of Mexico. The park exhibit hall and historic structures capture the history of the Pancho Villa Raid and historic Camp Furlong. The large campground offers utility hookups for campers with RVs, and a playground for the kids.

Otherwise you'll want to check-in to Los Milagros Hotel for the most comfortable and home felt accommodations Columbus has to offer. They offer free travel advice and help across the border or professionally guided tours for those that want an insider’s view to the area. Whether you are here on business or pleasure you will find Los Milagros Hotel to be a great resource for local information and planning.


While moving at a slower pace, and living the simple life is what you'll enjoy the most during your visit, there are some sights to see and enjoy. You can leisure around the village or meander through our historical walking tour (Each station is marked with an etched plaque providing pictures and info), you can linger about our two museums dedicated to the old train depot and the old military base known as Camp Furlong (Housed in the State Park). and inspect the old Columbus jail.

The more adventurous can hike, bike ride, climb the local mountains, study the local and migrating birds, or photograph the natural desert flora and fauna. In Columbus the term "Rocker" isn't about longhair screaming guitar players, here it's about combing Rockhound State Park or the open desert floor for natural rocks, agates, quartz crystals, turquoise, geodes, and some even stake claims and prospect for gold.


Be sure to make time to travel just 3 miles south to the border and visit the sleepy village of Palomas, Mexico where tourists love to spend time shopping and eating fine Mexican cuisine at the famous Pink Store, while other visitors come here to avail themselves of the low price, high quality dental and optometrist practices. You can also fill your prescriptions at a fraction of the cost!


So give yourself a break, and retreat-a-week in the Village of Columbus soaking in the soothing warm sun, and breathing our clear high-desert air. Who knows? You may just want to stay, and that's exactly how most our newcomers find themselves living here.





Luna County Economic Development Website


New Mexico Border Authority Columbus 24/7 Port of Entry Page

Columbus Point of Entry

Maquiladora Opportunities

A maquiladora or maquila is the Mexican name for manufacturing operations in a free trade zone (FTZ), where factories import material and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis for assembly, processing, or manufacturing and then export the assembled, processed and/or manufactured products, sometimes back to the raw materials' country of origin. Currently about 1.3 million Mexicans are employed in one or more of approximately 3,000 maquiladoras.

Local Farming & Green Energy Operations
Carzalia Valley Produce - Chile, Onions, & Pecan Farms

Thinking about starting or relocating your
business in Columbus?

Please send all inquiries for assistance & contact info to

Land + Wind + Sun + Water + Port of Entry = Opportunity!

Low cost land and real estate, 360 days of sunshine, the absence of natural disasters, and New Mexico's only 24/7 Port of entry, livestock border crossing stockyard, and the Free Trade Zone available in our Mexican sister-town of Palomas, makes Columbus the perfect location for your ranching, farming or manufacturing operations.

Although the actual village limits of Columbus are small, they do include a largely undeveloped Industrial Park and opportunity for much needed services like a grocery store, 24 hour gas and convenience station, Senior Citizen retirement communities, and a host of other mom & pop operations.

Scheduled for groundbreaking in 2013, a brand new state of the art Port of Entry facility will be built making the Columbus P.O.E. the crown jewel of all P.O.E.'s in the U.S. and expanding the import/export capabilities through Mexico. This news should set off alarm bells for those in the trucking industry to start jockeying for position to build trucking services and logistic centers.

Columbus has another opportunity for those with the entrepreneurial spirit that made Tombstone, Arizona a mecca for tourist and history buffs. If you can imagine how a little gunfight was worth millions in tourist dollars, imagine the possibilities of recreating the historic raid, gunfights, and ransacking of the village in 1916 by Pancho Villa, aye, aye, Aye!

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Local resident and two-time Pulitzer Prize designee Paul Salopek, will begin a 21,000 mile walk retracing the steps of early man's migration from their prehistoric lands to the discovery of the rest of the world. Sponsored by National Geographic, Paul's epic journey is called "Out of Eden". Click here to visit the website - Godspeed Paul!
           Photograph by Becky Hale, National Geographic


As a pilot, local historian, oft contributor to "The BUZZ", a founder and current president of the "First Aero Squadron Foundation" here in the Village of Columbus, Bill Whener  has also spread his wings as an author of Southwestern tales.

City Of The Sun
Does living off the grid in a Earth-ship home flip your lid?
Turn On - Tune In - Drop Out at the City of the Sun.



The Albuquerque-based band Richmond
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While you're getting away from it all in Columbus, you can also spend your days "tripping" to many of the historical sites and cities all within a day's reach & return of the village. Here's just a few of the locations you can visit.

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