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Historical Columbus Crossroads

Hidden in plain sight at the seemingly prophetic intersection of Interstates 9/11, lies a historical little town nestled firmly in the footprints left by the dramatic events that transformed the United States at the Turn Of The 20th Century. A true American story called Columbus, New Mexico. Established in 1891.

Nine out of ten people will recognize the name of our most infamous figure, Pancho Villa, but few will know who he is, or how his name made history. In short, the last time the Continental  U.S. was invaded by a foreign army prior to the Sept 11th, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, was the 1916 Pancho Villa raid on Columbus. (The largest city in New Mexico at the time.) The official military response by the United States Army further marked Columbus a place of transition. It's where the soldiers in what's recognized as "The Last Ride Of The United States Calvary" witnessed the first military use of mechanized transportation, and tank divisions. (Led by a young George Patton) Those Calvary men also saw the maiden flight of the newly formed 1st Aero Squadron, featuring the "Jenny" airplane made infamous by its upside-down image misprinted on what is now the world most prized and valuable postage stamp. Read more about the Pancho Villa raid on our COLUMBUS IN U.S. HISTORY page.

More About Columbus

Columbus, New Mexico has a fascinating history, a 24-hour border crossing, a varied and unique geology, a New Mexico State Park, a museum, and a mild winter climate. Columbus is a New Mexican village which attracts tourists, artists, historians, authors, and retirees from all over the U.S.

Columbus has an unusual and colorful history. The village was first established in 1891, just across the border from Palomas, Mexico. In 1902, when the El Paso/Santa Fe Railroad Line opened a station for Columbus, the residents moved themselves and their village three miles north to the present location.

Of particular interest to visitors and serious historians alike are the Columbus Historical Museum, the Columbus historical walking tour which explains several sites associated with the Raid, and Pancho Villa State Park which was the original grounds of Pershing's Camp Furlong.

While Columbus is not in the mountains, it has ranges on all four sides. To the east and north of Columbus is the Florida Mountain range; to the west and north is the Tres Hermanas Range; south into Mexico is the Sierra de los Palomas, and to the north is Cooke's Range.

Those who appreciate the flora and fauna of the Chihuahuan Desert love the open ranges around Columbus. Depending upon the season, hummingbirds, snow geese, dove, quail, hawks, eagles, finches, rabbits, hares, and many types of lizards are plentiful. Chaparral, sage, and other desert herbs, plants, and wild flowers are abundant.

While Columbus remains a refuge for those who like the quiet life, many amenities such as a modern health clinic, a regional learning center, and high speed internet service provide a quality of life comparable to many suburban environments. Major U.S. shopping and entertainment venues are only an hour away in El Paso, Texas.

Another major attraction is waiting just 3 minutes away in Old Mexico. Simply park, and walk across the border for a great cultural shopping, dining, and most every medical-tourism service you could ask for!

The area has long experienced a successful blend of cultures between the Anglo and Hispanic peoples. This southwest tradition can be seen in the architecture, the foods, and the celebrations that are so popular in the area.

While lots of people come to the Columbus, New Mexico area for the attractions, some stay and become residents. The Columbus area has become a great community for retirement in southwest New Mexico. It has also been coveted by artists and others who want to get away from the crowds. The low cost of living, and easy access to Mexico for supplies and services is a big draw.

C'mon America, join us in rediscovering Columbus, we're anxious to meet you and share our Southwestern hospitality, fresh air, clean water, healing weather, and our inspiring desert twilight hour. Come visit our lazy little village, where many of the citizens might tell you is the "Center of the Universe", a vortex of a sort, a place in the wilderness where the past and the future mix to bring alive each new day on the border of the Land of Enchantment.